On Writing Badly

Years ago, I registered an account with WordPress because I wanted to post a comment on another blog. It has lain dormant since. Today, as I had time on my hands and didn’t want to leave the house, I thought I’d try to write something.

I thought about the most topical thing near me, the Indian Demonetization Project on which everyone has an opinion and everyone (including yours truly) feels a lot of people are missing the big picture. I jotted down the points I wanted to make, I linked up web-pages I wanted to refer to and began to write.

I moved down my list point by point creating what I considered a mature, reasoned argument and covering everything I wanted to say. Half way through, I stopped, read what I had written. It was a mature, well reasoned piece of rubbish. The start was weak and covered stuff everyone already knew. The opinions expressed were more likely to polarize the reader into believing I was something I was not instead of providing any illumination for anyone. How in God’s name could I expect anyone including my own future self (probably its only reader) to go through that drivel.

So I started again. I dumped the well reasoned argument and jumped to the meat of my most important point. Put the bottom line up front. Work out the reasoning later, if it fits.

I completed the post and published my first blog entry. It is an opinionated, ill reasoned piece of rubbish. It is the kind of piece which if I read would bring about in me an instinctive loathing for the writer, whom I would (correctly) assume to be an arrogant, self-righteous jackass.

The real bottom line is that I am a terrible writer. I am the kind of writer that my middle school self would be ashamed of.

So why am I writing this?

Well one reason  is that I just don’t want the topmost post on the blog to be one with Donald Trump’s picture on it (refer previous post on the US President elect).


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