The problem of getting it ‘right’

I am feeling the curse of a minor success. Yesterday, I wrote the first blog post I actually consider worthy of the time it would take anybody to read it. The fact that nobody else thinks so, (only 1 person in the world viewed it) does not detract from that sense of achievement.

The problem is what to do now? I don’t think I can come up with anything to write about today. At least nothing compared with what I wrote yesterday.

This is not the first time I’ve had this problem. In college, a friend of mine asked me to write his yearbook testimonial because he thought I’d would be funny. While I regularly cracked jokes with him and about him, I struggled in writing that short paragraph. My effort was so poor that the yearbook editors asked somebody else to write his entry.

There is something about self-consciousness that kills creativity. The thought of having to get it “right” gives stage fright to any little idea that has the temerity to poke its head over the desiccated fields of my imagination.

So there we are, I’ve tried writing something three times today and this little misery is the best I have to show for it.


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