In Delhi

Reached my home town, Delhi in the wee hours of the morning. A great culture change from Bangalore where I work. People up north tend to be more aggressive and headstrong. Even on the plane, everyone was trying to jump the queue, for no real advantage other than to be ahead. Fewer paperbacks onboard were reading books, more wore fancy clothes or had new mobile phones.

When I first came to live in Bangalore in 2010, I was surprised at the honesty, gentleness, respect for learning and helpfulness of ordinary folk. In Delhi, I had grown up in an environment where you had to be on your guard. If a shopkeeper could cheat you, he usually would.

On the other hand, Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world. Human artifacts have been found in the area that could date to 1000BC. For about 900 years, it has served as capital for a succession of empires and nations. The older parts of the city are littered with monuments whose history has been long forgotten. Even the new satellite town of Gurgaon has a folk history dating back to the mythic age of the Mahabharata.

Some day I would like to write on the history and some of the stories connected with this place. But it is too vast a subject for now.


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