In the Greek origin myth of Pandora’s Box, Pandora the first woman on Earth opened a box (some say jar) out of curiosity which contained all the evils in the world. Though she struggled to shut it again, the evils escaped into the world leaving only one thing behind, Elpis or hope.

Some people certainly feel that 2016 was like opening a Pandora’s Box. Brexit, Trump, Indian demonetization, the unending Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, star deaths, Zika epidemic, Panama papers, terrorist attacks across the world it certainly seems like the year is ending on a strange beat. Also, I suspect curiosity had at least something to do with the first 2 of this list.

But let us not forget that Myanmar got its first freely elected government in decades. Gravitational waves were discovered. Moderates and reformists won control of the Iranian government. We also learnt that the Greenland shark is the longest living vertebrate at 392 years. Think of all the things that have passed since then. Think of what things will pass in the next four centuries.

The one thing that hopefully will not disappear in the future is the knowledge of Gravitational waves and what it means. Through wars, famine and disease human knowledge has survived and grown over centuries. It is the one thing that binds us to the ancient Greeks, Iranians, Indians, Chinese and Egyptians. Hopefully it will also bind us with humanity’s future.

On that note, let me wish everyone a happy new year.


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