Are they really out there?

One of the earliest science fiction stories was Lucian’s True History written about 2000 years ago. True History parodies traveler’s tales. In it, the heroes are transported to the Moon by a whirlwind and are embroiled in a war between the kings of the moon and sun. Clearly, the idea of alien life has been with us for a long time.

But cultists and Von Daniken fans aside, there is no credible evidence that any actual contact with aliens has ever taken place. This is called the Fermi Paradox. If aliens exist, where are they and why haven’t we seen them yet?

One of the best answers to this is in a garden in Hawaii. Artist John Lomberg chose to make a living model of the entire galaxy. Stars and nebulae are modeled by leaves and flowers. At the center is a fountain representing the black hole at the center of the galaxy with its rim representing the event horizon. The whole garden is about 100 feet in diameter and the attention to detail is remarkable. You can visit it’s website here.

In one tiny part of this garden is a small gold earring which represents our solar system. When Lomberg conducts tours, he shows people this ring and watches them look around to comprehend the scale of the galaxy. Then he likes to tell them that somewhere in the garden he has put another earring. Can they find it?




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