Raghuvir entered his flat, his gait slow, his shoulders slumped. There seemed nothing in there for him. The sense of loss led to realization. For the first time in years he was forced to confront his life for what it was. Empty.

A dead end job, an old motorbike, a grubby little apartment, some thrown together furniture, a few other meager possessions and nothing. He had nothing, he had no-one.

Odd how until recently it hadn’t seem to matter. Everything seemed all right.

The glow was gone from his home. The anticipation of delights to be had, the joy of discovery, all absent. Maybe he could watch some TV and to get his mind off things. He flipped through channels and turned it off after 5 minutes.

For the tenth time that day, he cursed his fortune. But that wasn’t right, all the warning signs were there, he just hadn’t bothered to look. When he finally had, it had been too late. There was nothing he could do. He had rushed up and down to find someone who could help, but of course in the end it was all pointless and he had to bear up to the inevitable.

It just seemed unfair, just a little delay, just a little lethargy, it could have happened to anybody and now he faced seeming eternity alone. He wondered how he would make it.

That morning, he had gone to the center one last time. He had waited anxiously as the technician had gone over the records. He still carried the weight of her final words. “I am sorry sir, your internet and phone connection has been disconnected due to non-payment of bills. It will take 24 hours to restore service.”


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