Reading up

I finally started going through the papers I mentioned earlier as being on my reading list. I began with the 1st one which was written in 2011 and is titled, “Graph theoretic quantum system modelling for information/computation processing circuits”. This paper is like the second chapter in a Quantum Mechanics textbook. It deals with representation and notation.

The authors present a way of representing Quantum Computation using graph theory. In subsequent papers, I believe they use this to quantum models of consciousness. The problem is that I am not familiar with quantum computing and have only a high school level introduction to the elementary results of quantum mechanics. To add to this, I only studied elementary graph theory back in 2009 and haven’t used it since.

So this has been a sharp learning curve. The first thing to understand is the operator notation. Once I am comfortable with the material, I hope to be able to share that understanding on a blog post.


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