Passing Ships

Rajiv Chowk Metro Station



My heart pounded as the queue slowly inched to the security metal detector.

Damn that alarm. First day on the job, can’t be late.

The machine beeped when I passed it the same as it beeped for everyone else. The cop gave me a cursory frisking and sent me on. I jogged down to the platform, just in time to see the train slip past me into the tunnel. The display announced the next one in five minutes.

I paced the platform. I tried to breathe deeply like my mother said I should to calm down, but that didn’t help. The platform began to fill up with passengers again.

That was the moment I felt my life could change forever. There one sight, that was all it took. About fifteen yards away, she stood there. I had never seen her before, but I could stand there and look at her forever.

She wore tight blue jeans and a pink pull-over on which her curly hair cascaded in apparent disarray. My thoughts were in a jumble.

Check your tie, are your shoelaces tied properly? Stand up straight, don’t slouch. Above all, look natural.

I gazed down at my shoes, when I looked up, she was looking directly at me. Not behind me, not beside me, but directly at me. She smiled. At that instant, I was sure, somehow she felt for me. A strange sort of telepathy seemed to have occurred. I had to act.

Go up to her? Then what? What if she thinks I am a creep? Tell a joke, break the ice? What jokes? Don’t remember anything more than WhatsApp forwards. Do something dammit, the moment is passing!

My thoughts were interrupted as the train pulled in and a flood of passengers streamed out between us. I felt propelled forward by the rush of passengers behind me. Before I knew it I was inside the coach, with my face pressed against a stranger’s arm.

No not now! Fight it. If its for real she would have felt it too. Go now.

I shoved for the door. I pushed aside a harried delivery boy and sent his parcel to the floor. I finally exited a second before the doors closed to the curses of those I left inside.

Would she be there? Please God let her be there.

She was there.

The smile on her face was the sweetest thing I have ever seen and her eyes were filled with indescribable love for her husband who had just stepped out of the train.


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