Puzzle 8: Father and Son

A man and his son were travelling in a car. There was a horrible accident and the car crashed. The man was killed on the spot. His son was gravely injured. An ambulance arrived on the scene and took the boy to the hospital for emergency surgery.

At the hospital, the surgeon looked at the boy and exclaimed, “I can’t operate on him. He is my son!”

What is going on?








The surgeon was the boy’s mother. I failed to get this puzzle and of the half dozen people I told this to, only two were able to figure out the answer and that too after considerable thought and exploring multiple options.

Over the last few decades, measures of explicit bias have declined. Most people when surveyed would deny that they discriminate on the basis of either gender or race. In fact, they may strongly stand against such biases. But psychological studies which look for implicit or subconscious bias consistently show that people continue show consistent biases when acting impulsively, making snap judgements or without thinking through.




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